Texas. Increased Leads by 59% per Month

Renderzen – a 3D visualization studio that creates eye-catching marketing 3D renderings.



Our objective was to attract new clients within the target audience of architects, designers, and marketing departments in construction corporations based in Texas.


After thorough market research of 3D rendering companies, we discovered a striking similarity in their advertising campaigns. To effectively differentiate ourselves from competitors, we made the strategic decision to create captivating motion videos for social media advertising. These short videos not only showcase the stunning works of our clients but also highlight the intricacies of the 3D visualization process.


By optimizing our campaigns, we achieved a significant decrease in CPL from an average of $13 to just $2.4 within one week and increased leads by 59% per month all in all.  Furthermore, we achieved a 40% reduction in the cost per click. Additionally, our efforts led to a remarkable 255% increase in website traffic within a month. As a bonus, we gained 276 new subscribers, with an average cost of just $2 per subscriber.

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