We offer the best experience and solutions that will help small and medium-sized businesses enter new markets and increase revenue, loyal audience, and recognition!

We have the following tools at our disposal:

Go-to-market Strategy

Jack Trout once said that marketing is a battle for the mind of the consumer. We will create a strategic plan for introducing your product to the market, defining positioning, goals, mission, and sales channels to achieve victory.

Website Development

We develop websites that showcase your products, services, and advantages, gather a targeted audience, and, of course, generate leads!

Market Research

Our market research allows us to find untapped niches, identify consumer needs, learn what successful benchmarks are built on, and even identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. The result is the determination of which strategies and tactics will be most effective.

Photo & Video Production

We create photos and videos that you don’t want to skip! We showcase the key advantages of your products and services and speak to your audience in the language of beautiful visuals.

Digital Advertising & PPC

We set up and launch targeted advertising on Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular channels. From semantics to the “marketing funnel”. We create ads that engage the audience and drive sales.

Brand Identity

We create logos and corporate styles for brands that catch the eye, stay in the memory, and do not cause cringe.

Content Strategy Felik.Agency
Content Strategy

We create a content strategy that supports the brand and ensure effective interaction with the audience in line with its goals and values.


We create a complete design cycle: from a static banner to viral content for social networks.

Legal Support

We check all text and visual communications for compliance with current laws and regulations (USA, UK, EU). We are a reliable backbone for your business!

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