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Produced Photo Shoot for ELLE's Social Project
Media x Jewelry brand
Creative Idea | Photo Production | Moodboard
Texas. Increased Leads by 59% per Month
Renderzen logo
Renderzen - 3D visualization studio
Adverising Campaign in Social Media | PPC | Performance Marketing | Video Production
Yousupova Design
Developed a Slogan and General Marketing Strategy for Launching a Product on the US Market
Interior design
Research | Go-To-Market Strategy | Slogan Creation
Advertising Campaign in Social Media for Charity Auction
Event agency
PPC | Performance Marketing | Digital Advertising | Charity Auction
We Сreated a Creative Idea for a Promotional Video to Recruit Engineers for the Project
A leader in digital product development services
Creative Idea | Video Production
Zhupikova, Kunitsky, Mkhitaryan, Ginsburg, Korogodsky at the Business Speaker Awards 2019
Developed a Marketing Strategy that Led the Media to Become a Member of the UN Global Compact in One Year
Logo PROMAN Black
Online / Offline media
Marketing Strategy | Website Creation | Traffic Generation | PR | Event Marketing
Takeshy Kurosawa
Provided a Launch on the Market for an Italian Designer Clothing Brand
Designer wear
Marketing Strategy | Rebranding | Website Creation | Video production | Digital Ad | PR

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